This picture tutorial is geared toward a user new to WordPress.

The Dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you log in.

The first thing you’ll want to do is click on “Write” in the top left corner or “Write a New Post” in the orange bar from your Dashboard. Notice along the top left of your screen there are areas to Write, Manage, Design, Comments & (in this case) Gallery. These may be different on your site according to what plugsin you have, but you will always have the first four areas from which to choose.

Notice the areas which are active are highlighted orange. For example the above image is in the Write Post area. If you were in the Write Page area, your text would be orange on Write and Page and so on. Once you’re in the Write Post area, go ahead and write your post!

In the Write Post area, you should have a series of icons to help you write your post flawlessly and stylishly.

Make yourself familiar with the icons for ease of use. If you know some html, you can add special html tags or styling by clicking the HTML icon (top right of post area).

HTML tags are different than post tags. Use post tags to group ideas together. When a user clicks on a tag, he will be taken to any post that carries the same tag, so try to be somewhat consistent.

Use categories to group together bigger ideas. You can manage your categories from the Dashboard > Manage > Categories.

Remember to save your work after each edit.

I prefer to have two windows or two tabs open in my browser. One to make edits and the other to see how it looks after I’ve published or saved.

To refresh your browser, simply press F5 or the curly arrow in your browser icon bar.