The first step to many projects is mocking up an idea so that the client can see a visual representation of what I am envisioning. At that point, we look to find if we are thinking the same things and re-adjust as necessary. Here are a few examples:

Child Opportunity Zone is a new client and also a non-profit agency for childhood and adult literacy through the Pawtucket School District for which I work twice a week teaching English to immigrants. This is the proposal design. It will likely be modified before implementation.

The Slow Cook is a long-time client, but as he grows, it is necessary to build small graphics to showcase his adventures. Keeping in mind his branding, I build things as he needs them. With The Slow Cook, they usually like my mock-ups and go with them without significant changes.

The Providence Granola Project is a really great local granola company, for which I have submitted this as a start to branding their “Dive Deep into a Bowl’a Granola” Tagline. I did not make the illustrations, I only pieced them together into something coherent, though, I think it could benefit from having the scuba divers possibly inside a bowl of granola and maybe the jellyfish being made from little raisins or cashews or something like that. Awaiting adjustments.