Proposition: Design banner(s) to line the streets of an ultra-wealthy boutique town on the Central Coast of California. Here’s version one. Hand-drawn vector graphic.

These are mock-ups, but I’m pretty excited about the look and feel of them. On the Carmel banner, the bleed is included.

The main part of the drawing is of the Bixby bridge, which is a landmark between the towns of Big Sur and Carmel. The Big Sur Marathon route is on this bridge, obviously, as there is no other way (that I know of) to get to Big Sur from Carmel.

The Bixby Bridge is part of Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH as some Southerners call it) which is famous for its breathtaking views and dangerous curves along dramatic cliffs that overlook the never-ending expanse of ocean to the west. It is, in effect, a landmark; that is why I chose to use it.

The Carmel side was trickier, as the Lone Cypress is copyrighted by Pebble Beach Co., and as far as I understand it, nobody is allowed to use a solitary cypress tree for anything. Big company owns the idea, I guess. But all the same, this image is even more Carmel-esque to me because a) I took the photo from where the drawing was culled and b) this is really more like how Carmel looks. Cypresses are in lots of places, but not everywhere.

The banners will go side-by-side in Carmel by-the-Sea’s shopping district.