Over the years, my website(s) & blogs have taken so many directions, it’s hard to recall which of them I love best. This new design is probably most appropriate to what I’m doing these days in my blog that I call, “A life in the making.”

The blog is meant to document our rather humble – yet charmed – life where we make almost everything from scratch.

We grow it, preserve it, make it, wear it, eat it, give it away – all of it. Well, almost all of it, anyway.

It’s still being worked over, but i love the antiquated charm and the vintage botanical illustrations. The upper right “main” box will auto-display the most recent entry. The boxes below (so far, I think) will display the three earlier posts.  We’re working with the new WordPress, so there are a bunch of new features we still need to explore, but I think most of those will be put to better use on the “inside” pages.

More soon!