Jenny won my services in a raffle. She’s also my friend, so this is going to be a lot of fun! I’ve just sent her this image as the starting-point for her new website, but it has not been approved yet.  Jen’s got a thing for lions, and her drawing of this great lion wooed me into using more of a hand-written font than I had originally planned.

The bottlecap images are just placeholders; they are not her work and I was simply using them as illustration to where her bottlecaps or other ephemera will go. We still have a ways to go on it, but I love the “cut-up” hand-drawn look of it overall.



And this is the first edited mockup:





and this is one more edited mockup, for which I’m waiting on approval:


To which I’ll be making a few more edits, but she really liked the second design, which I think would be great for “inside pages”.  More to come, soon!