Seriously, I love this flyer. I chose to make it in black & white this year because it always ends up in black and white anyway when the gardeners print off the pdf and post it at their jobs and other community centers.

The Harvest Party for Fox Point Community Garden is ridiculously fun and unbelievably reminiscent of small-town hoedowns. For at least the last three years, the KC Moaners have been the house band. These are clearly people’s uncles and grandpas playing old-time music on mostly hand-made instruments.

The potluck is always outstanding; I am recalling a butternut bisque from last year’s event that carried beautiful hints of onion and apple, all sopped up with a buttermilk biscuit.

The raffle is predominantly gifts of the gardeners. This year, one of the raffle items is unicycle lessons!

I built a cabbage-head man because it is funny and, really, we all feel like cabbage heads by this time of year anyway. Cabbage is definitely in full-swing at the garden and we’re eating a lot of it these days.

This flyer is a proof, but it’s probably pretty close to the final version. If you’re in town, drop by the Portuguese-American Social Club, 32 Sheldon Street, just two blocks off Wickenden in Fox Point, Providence, Rhode Island. There’s a great bar on the floor level; the party is on the upper level.