Fresh & Friendly Chef mockupUpdtae: Version two.

Jen wasn’t hip on the vintage feel of the original design, so we went this other route. It’s important for us to work together to find something that is different, but still stylish, modern and elegant. This design is still out on approval.

One thing I often remind myself is that no work is wasted. The template she didn’t choose will be used eventually because it is beautiful and fitting for someone else. No worries, whatsoever.


We just built this little lovely for Fresh & Friendly Chef. We used Google Web Fonts & a variety of images from Vintage Printable which were all cut, cropped, cleaned, pasted and arranged specifically.

I’m really excited for Jennifer and her new venture. As it is a brand new site, she only has a few posts, but I can attest to the deliciousness of that caramel corn recipe, as it is very similar to one I make during the holidays for parties & friends as gifts.

Because Jennifer focuses on the fresh, local ingredients of the Central Coast, California, I chose to use images that represent the region: beautiful lettuces, onions, garlic, leeks, strawberries, spinaches & herbs and the holy, nutritious artichoke.

All of these things grow amazingly on the coast and certainly are a part of Jennifer’s repertoire. If you’re in the Monterey Bay area and you need a personal chef, give her a jingle. And tell her I sent you.