This is out on approval, but I’m pretty excited about it anyway. Anyone who follows me or knows me knows that I love to post things I’m excited about. It doesn’t mean the layout will stay this way but for now, while it’s in the waiting, it’s almost like magic.

I did not design their logo; they had that before me, and if they end up going with the design, I’ll likely soften it up a bit just for web & print.

At our first meeting, I brought them a handful of options that I would have proposed based on their current logo. They explained to me that they chose the one they did for the sake of patches, by which none of mine would really work because they’re much softer.

Of the three design changes I proposed, I really like the top left almost “crest” like shape. And I’m also hip on the black & white pail with the leaves; however, I recognize that the imagery may be a bit too soft for their blue collar target audience. I didn’t have their original bucket graphic, so I had to find something and that’s what I found. But a similar bucket may suffice all the same.