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The photo at left is an exceptionally good picture of me. That is why I used it. It doesn’t represent what I actually look like, except for maybe on occasion when I have the time and desire to actually dress myself sincerely.

I chose this photo because I feel like it somewhat encapsulates the idea of art as design. Our job is to sell ideas. Ideas are real, and people have real ideas about what these ideas look like. Our job is to try to match perceptions to client bases (some people call these “target audiences”).

I studied Art at university with an emphasis on Cultural Anthropology. My primary interest was in regard to Other in society. It turns out that Other is pretty much Everybody in contrast to Somebody. It was a great experience. I use this background knowledge to appeal to certain ideas. I have an affinity for clean lines, warm colors and a typically more “masculine” approach to design, though I always strive for a balance.

About Keri Marion Design

I am graphic designer partnered with Justin Lewis. Together we make websites based in WordPress. My professional background is in print design, fine art and research writing.

Office hours: 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday