2003  – Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington
Bachelor of Arts in Art History Research: Cum Laude

2002 –  Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Cum Laude


Spanish, American Sign Language, CSS, HTML


Photoshop • Illustrator • Fireworks

I work with graphic images every single day both as a graphic designer and as a mixed/multi media artist. I switch between Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks depending on what the project output requires.

Typically I will use Photoshop if I am dealing with bitmap images for print or if manipulation is required for output. If I do not have the output information or do not othewise know what format the output might take, I use Illustrator and build the vector portions of my project and wait for the bitmap(s).

If the job is specifically web-oriented, I use Fireworks because it packs tight, clean files that are more suitable for the web. If Fireworks isn’t available, I can output for web using either Photoshop or Illustrator, but Fireworks is my preference because the program itself is light and fast and has more features that are specific to the web experience. Because Fireworks can utilize both bitmaps and vectors, if a client sees the web version of a graphic and wants it output to print, it’s fairly simple to import the vector files into Illustrator and replace any bitmaps. This happens to me a lot, in fact. A client will budget out something for the web and end up liking it so much they decide to do a print version. Often times it’s a simple transition because many of my clients have been with me long enough to know to give me good-sized bitmaps from the start “just in case.”


I have been using InDesign since before it was owned by Adobe and was still called “Pagemaker.” I use it often and am extremely comfortable with its interface.

Dreamweaver • Flash

I use both Flash & Dreamweaver intermittently as projects require them. Prior to 2008, I used Dreamweaver exclusively for building sites, but have since moved to database driven user maintained sites and use Dreamweaver mainly to develop CSS and PHP. Most of my clients don’t require much Flash, but I am comfortable with the interface and use it for my own projects, including some ActionScript. At times I have used Flash to draw in vector because it seems to utilize my Wacom tablet better than Illustrator and because it is vector-based, after I have drawn the images, I can easily export to a finishing program like Illustrator, Fireworks or Photoshop.

Work Experience

2010-Present: Teacher, Pawtucket School District Adult Education & Child Opportunity Zone (COZ)

I originally interviewed at Pawtucket School District Adult Education to design a website for their program that helps immigrants and citizens navigate the American Experience by providing the tools to better their lives. The program offers many classes at different levels including a network of after-school programs. During my interview, I felt that a teaching position would be an interesting experience that would help serve my community as well as deepen my knowledge of the program so that while the design is being created, I have a stronger base from which to design it. I teach beginning ESL to fresh immigrants, teaching them practical English using a variety of methods and administration is considering a graphic design class.

2010-Present: Manager, Fox Point Community Garden

For the 2010 Season, I have been selected to manage over 125 gardeners in a community space. I designed the annual Hoe-down fundraiser flyer, created graphics and built the website while on the board for the 2009 season, which I have updated since becoming manager to include an community-wide portal of communication about gardening, our events and planting dates. While this position is not exclusive to design, it fuses my passion to work for non-profits and contribute to my community.

2010-2011: Writer, JustMeans.com, Sustainable Food

As a writer for JustMeans, I wrote about sustainable food production, acquisition and the federal laws and bills that promote or threaten the food system in the United States. Within my year contract, I set record traffic, at one point for three months in a row. Many of my posts reached higher circulation than any other posts site-wide; one of my articles was a featured pick in the New York Times.

2005- Present: Freelance Designer, Web & Print + Marketing / Consultation

For over 6 years, I have maintained a remarkable freelance relationship with all of my clients. Our relationships have been built on a model of cooperative trust wherein they allow me enough time to prepare their graphics, business and web identity, and in turn I provide their requests both timely and correctly.

2004-Present Homescapes, Carmel, Carmel California: Retail Marketer (Remote Office)

Homescapes, Carmel is a $2+M home environment retail establishment for which I am responsible for maintaining the entire corporate identity. In 2009, Homescapes expanded their retail outlet to two additional locations in which I am currently developing the new web sites, business identity and advertising presence.

2003 – Nostalgia Magazine, Spokane, Washington: Layout & Publishing

I was the ad layout designer for Nostalgia Magazine during my final year of college in Spokane, Washington. The magazine was centered around vintage photographs and stories of the area from living sources. Not only did I lay out advertisements, I proofed and edited copy, met and talked with clients, researched Pacific Northwest history to verify sources and accounts, scanned and half-toned images for production as well as researched new distribution markets.

1998-2001 Exchange Nickel Want Ads, Spokane Washington: Layout & Publishing

The Exchange was the parent company to two publications: Nickel Want Ads (weekly) & Horse Previews Magazine (monthly). During my first year at The Exchange, I took classified advertisements, helped with distribution of both NWA and HP, assisted in paste-up production, worked in billing and collections and helped research new distribution markets. In my second and third years at The Exchange, I moved into typsetting and digital layout and maintained the corresponding websites. After nearly four years at The Exchange I was able to assist or perform any job within the office and offered to help wherever I was needed.