How to Upgrade WordPress

WordPress can be upgraded with the click of a button; however, you should always backup your site’s database and files before attempting an upgrade. This is to ensure that if your site breaks (commonly caused by plugin conflicts) then you will be able to restore everything to working order. Backups can also be used to restore a site if it should ever get hacked.

Important: If your WordPress installation is older than version 3.6 then you will need to upgrade it incrementally to ensure that nothing on your site breaks. You should not use the one-click update in WordPress dashboard in this case. Versions older than 3.5 must be upgraded incrementally and backed up between each upgrade until fully upgraded to the newest version.

Full instructions on how to backup your files and database as well as upgrade WordPress can be found at the following links:
Backup your entire database with phpMyAdmin
Backup your files via FTP
If you choose to do this yourself you will need your site’s FTP and phpMyAdmin login information. We can provide these to you upon request. FTP requires an FTP client. There are several free ones but we recommend CyberDuck for Mac and FileZilla for PC.
Once you have all your files and database downloaded you can then use the one-click upgrade in your WordPress dashboard.
If you need to do an incremental update you can not use the one-click update. Use these directions.